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To anyone thinking of signing up for this, I'd say "do it". I can honestly say it was one of the most useful courses I've participated in. Joanne is a great instructor and learning about this subject has never been more important. 
Brilliant course with excellent information making me feel well equipped. I have gained some friends during this course too which is excellent.thanks so much! 
Course was fab as was Joanne! I've learned a lot, especially to be more confident in asking the difficult questions. 
Jo has been brilliant- I feel really inspired and have already put things into place which have had positive impact! 
Jo is a natural trainer and coach, I loved her empathetic tone voice and delivery. She exudes confidence care and understanding discussion hugely difficult topics. 
Joanne is an excellent instructor. I find her learning methods easy-going and she is full of energy, positivity and knowledge. I have already recommended this course to my colleagues. Enjoyed every minute. Thanks Joanne xx 
This course I believe everyone should go on . This has opened by eyes to Mental Health and how it is portrayed in society. The group has been great and have added so much value, and the learns from this course have equipped me to be able to deal with mental health with a very different approach. 
I really enjoyed the course. It was informative and structured well. Despite being virtual the course was still inclusive and great to share thoughts and discuss issues. I would highly recommend. 
Really enjoyed the course - learned lots , and much more confidence in approaching and assessing using ALGEE. Lots of knowledge to back up course structure. 
I have always been keen to support others struggling with mental health issues, but this course has increased my overall knowledge and confidence in doing this. I found the manual extremely informative in terms of understanding the spectrum of disorders and the differing ways in which I can approach and assist, and this means I would be more forthcoming in trying to help people, including people I do not know well or at all. 
It’s been a very useful and informative insight into the various facets of mental health, which I will find of specific personal use with family members and for myself as well.It was a good selection of people on the course who were able to provide a good insight to a mix of personal experiences, some of which were common across the group. Overall very good and I definitely feel that I have got more out of the course than I expected. 
Really enjoyed the course and feel more confident of speaking about mental health and feel I have the skills to approach situations I wouldn't have previously, I am looking forward to using my skills to help other people. The technology and content was great, the manual is really helpful and I will be keeping by my side. Thanks Guys, look forward to arranging other sessions with the team when we can. 
Thank you Jo . You have pitched the course brilliantly and made it engaging as well as informative. You created a safe space which allowed us all to contribute on what is a very sensitive subject. Even though it was delivered virtually I still felt the team spirit of being together. The course content is excellent and the manual will be very useful in the future. I particularly loved the videos in the pre-work. Thank you again, really great job. 
Jo made the course both informative and enjoyable. The subject matter makes is not the easiest material to teach. They supported us as a group and as individuals. My knowledge and confidence to approach a person with a mental health condition has increased enormously. Thanks for a great course. 
For someone with little exposure to ill mental health or for someone that wants structure and framework around the best way to manage a first aid event the course is great. I feel much more prepared to act in a professional 'correct' way. It's a lot to cover in two days so I am pleased to have the manual as additional support and information. 
Great course with both tutors being very engaging, enjoyed the talks and the feedback sessions, the course has definitely helped my understanding of how I can engage with people with mental health problems. 
I found the course very interesting and it gave me an insight into various disorders I knew nothing about. Will try to use it to help myself with my negative issues, in turning a negative into a positive. 
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