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About Us 

Ascension Health are all about wellbeing in the workplace. 
Ascension Health was set up by experienced, empathetic therapist and mental health specialist, Joanne Quinn. Joanne is a highly qualified therapist, approved by Anxiety UK, and a qualified Mental Health First Aid England instructor. Prior to specialising in Mental Health and Wellbeing, Joanne spent many years as a recruitment professional. 

Mental Health Matters 

Founder Joanne says "We all have mental health in the same way we all have physical health. Only by talking about our mental health, and by it becoming the norm to do so, can we collectively remove stigma, so people feel comfortable and able to reach out for the support they need." 
We’re all now far more aware of mental illness, yet, conversely, have little knowledge of how to promote mental wellbeing or to care for someone who’s suffering. This is never more apparent than in the workplace. The cost to business of poor mental health can be catastrophic. 

Don’t Be a Statistic 

Joanne’s expertise came from her experience as just one of the sobering statistics of mental health casualties. After a gruelling period of chronic ill-health, anxiety got the better of her and she had to leave a director level role with a global plc. It’s an all-too familiar tale. Juggling pressure at work and the demands of young children had taken it's toll. 
Continuing to live life in the metaphorical fast lane simply wasn’t an option. Joanne faced burn out. Nobody – herself included – saw or recognised the signs... but they WERE there. 

See the Signs 

Early warnings, signs and symptoms of mental health problems are often hard to spot without mental health first aid training. Mental health issues can cause changes to emotions, thoughts and behaviour: 
Feeling inexplicably ‘down’ 
Confusion, difficulty concentrating 
Irrational worrying and Feeling guilty 
Mood swings 
Feeling withdrawn & low energy 
Insomnia; sleep disturbances 
Feeling paranoid 
Feeling unable to cope 
Using drugs or abusing alcohol 
Feeling angry 
Suicidal thoughts 
Sometimes, mental health problems can even manifest themselves in physical aches, pains and ailments. 

Act on the Signs 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to spot those signs? To be able to help before things get too bad? The signs CAN be seen, and acted upon, by those who know what to look for - so Ascension Health was born. 
Ascension Health delivers Corporate Wellbeing Consultancy and Training such as Mental Health First Aid and Stress Management and Resilience. We aim to equip managers and individuals with the skills and knowledge to recognise those signs. We can help you implement measures to recognise the warnings, and help your team be well – and stay well. People who ARE well, DO well. We can work with you to provide Mental Health at Work Training or to develop a Mental Health at Work Policy. 

Being Well; Doing Well 

It is vital to create a culture of wellbeing in the workplace. This isn’t merely some sort of staff benefit; nowadays it’s pretty much essential. It’s an investment in your staff and your business; a statement about the sort of company you run. Fewer than half of UK companies provide an employee wellbeing programme, yet almost three-quarters of UK employees admit to suffering from stress. And stress is just the tip of the mental health iceberg… 

Mission: Wellbeing at Work 

Ascension Health’s mission is to promote wellbeing and improve mental health in the workplace. This is achieved through training, consultancy and coaching, specifically designed to help your team thrive. We address stress, anxiety, resilience, mindfulness, optimism and positive relationships. An Ascension health and wellbeing strategy, tailored to your staff and your organisation could help your team stay well but also: 
Reduce absence rates 
Improve productivity 
Increase employee engagement 
Demonstrate a commitment to your staff 
Save money 
Ensure compliance with employment and disability legislation 
Completing mental health first aid training (Mental Health First Aid England certified) means your staff and your managers become Mental Health First Aiders. They’ll be equipped to spot the signs of mental illness, to help avoid it and to support those affected. That’s wellbeing at work. 

Healthy minds make for healthy business. 

Contact Ascension Health to help you achieve both. 
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